Lokoly™: Discover America's Best Kept Culinary Secrets

There’s thousands of incredible food products tucked away in farmers’ markets across the country. Why can’t you access them? 

By Lokoly™

Farmers’ Markets occur all over the country, in fact there are roughly 8,600 markets that occur every year. Local producers of culinary treasures spend their productive time at these markets throughout the year to share their amazing products with people like you. This is a tremendous opportunity to get their products in front of new faces, some might say it’s the best opportunity. But what happens when these markets aren’t in session? And what about the 83 million other people that attend farmers’ markets each year? 

There’s a problem with farmers markets: and the problem isn’t with the prices or the delicious food products from the vendors. The problem is with access & availability. You simply can’t get products from the Des Moines, IA farmers’ market conveniently (if at all), if you don’t live there. 

You might ask yourself, why don’t they sell on major retailers when markets aren’t running? Well, even if they do sell on them, local brands aren’t readily accessible to people outside of their town. Small business food brands are forced to compete with nationwide companies, who not only have exponentially more money to invest in advertising, but they have the ability to price at a much more affordable rate. Major retailers foster price wars that kills small business profit and awareness, keeping national brands in the spotlight. 

“We tried major retailers like Amazon, it failed. Their high fees paired with the competition made obtaining sales difficult. They reward vendors who spend money on their site. We have $100, the big guys have millions.”

That’s why we created Lokoly™. In order to make small, local food brands easily and readily available to you at all times. The Lokoly Market™ is your nationwide, 24/7 farmers’ market for food products that occurs 365 days a year. Simply open your computer, visit lokoly.com, and shop from local vendors all over the country. Hence: shop local, anywhere

But we’re more than just a website. We are small business exclusive, making sure we foster the best possible marketplace for local brands across the country. We appreciate the people and their stories, making sure you don’t forget where it all started.


Extraordinary Local food producers have something large, nationwide companies don’t. They have unbelievable tasting products filled with health benefits & fresh flavor! They have stories that are connected to their local land, local community, and local traditions. They have unmatched commitment to quality, constantly crafting their products to their peak flavor. Lokoly™ is proud to partner with these brands to give them the nationwide presence they deserve. 

We hope you’ll join along with us on our journey across america to find the best kept culinary secrets, tucked away in farmers’ markets across the country!

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