12 Perfect Coffee Gifts for the Holiday Season

Chemex Gift Image

With thousands of options to choose from, picking the right gift for the coffee lover in your life doesn’t always come easy. However, the holiday season is quickly approaching so it’s important to be prepared and start making a decision. No matter the coffee they currently drink or how they enjoying brewing at home, these coffee gift ideas are suited to please any level of coffee drinker and extend further than coffee beans in a bag.


Here’s a list of 12 perfect coffee gift ideas you can give this holiday season:


Aeropress Gift Image

1. The AeroPress coffee maker: $35

This manual brewing device is recommended by almost every coffee professional as the first step to improving your at home coffee brewing with a manual device. This is one of the fastest and most inviting ways to step away from the auto-drip coffee maker and into the world of brewing each cup with full control. 


2. Coffee Serving Tray: $80

Like wine and spirits, the shape of the mug you drink your coffee in can have an effect  on the taste. This serving tray comes with different sized drinking mugs with specific  shapes to bring out the specific flavors in each coffee. Impress your guests with this fancy serving tray. 


3. Vintage Record Player: $63

Coffee over music: the perfect pair for a peaceful weekend. There may be no better form of nostalgia than taking your first sip of coffee while listening to your favorite music. This is a thoughtful gift to encourage some relaxing and leisure coffee time. 


4. The World Atlas of Coffee: $35

Coming from world-renowned coffee expert James Hoffman, this book gives a detailed overview of coffee and everything one would need to know about it. This book makes for the perfect gift for the coffee lover who wants to improve their knowledge of the product. 


5. Lokoly Coffee Club Membership:$45+

Lokoly seeks out the best craft coffee roasters in the U.S. with incredible stories and  then works with the head roaster to uniquely curate a subscription box that is filled with  full-size bags of exclusively roasted and hard-to-find coffee. For this holiday season, send your coffee lover a gift box, which includes four bags of coffee plus coffee gifts in a cool box. 


6. Chemex Classic Pour-Over: $44

Learning your favorite way to make pour-over coffee is a never-ending process and is subjective for each individual, but what holds true for everyone is the need for a Chemex. This fancy-looking coffee maker has been said by many to have made some of the best coffee they’ve ever tasted. 


7. Personalized Coffee Bar Sign: $74 +

A fancy coffee bar is everyone’s coffee lover’s dream, so outfit their home bar with some  custom wall decor. This coffee gift adds personalization and a special touch no matter  what room the coffee is enjoyed in. Personalize the sign as you please with it’s name and color option. 


8. Hario v60 Coffee Dripper: $6

It may not appear as much, but this manual brew device is widely accepted across the  coffee industry. The Hario is an inexpensive way to make pour-over coffee simple and  great tasting. It sits right on top of your coffee mug and all you have to do is add a filter. 


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9. Baratza Encore Electric Grinder: $140

If someone is serious about their coffee, buying their beans whole instead of ground is a must, and it’s essential they have a burr grinder at home to make for an even brew with a fresh taste. This affordable burr grinder, compared to most other offerings, is the perfect option for someone who loves coffee but hasn’t given up the money to upgrade for themselves. We can assure you, they will “thank you for life”. 


10. Insulated Travel Tumbler: $25

Does anyone ever drink coffee on the go? The answer is a unanimous, yes. Making sure it doesn’t spill and holds temperature while on the move can be challenging, but this travel mug with a cool design is thermal and leakproof. Best part? It comes with a lifetime warranty. 


11. Temperature Control Mug:$130

Does the coffee lover in your life hate drinking lukewarm coffee? This smart mug from  Ember will make sure their coffee doesn’t go cold. It can even be programmed so that it maintains the perfect drinking temperature. 


12. Cappuccino Cup & Saucer: $15

This is a less expensive coffee cup that has a sleek and fancy feel. Not only that, its  unique design shortens the time that it takes for the coffee to reach it’s “ideal  temperature” for experiencing its full expression.