Bozz Prints: A Creative Powerhouse in the Heart of Iowa


When we say that we offer the experience of traveling to communities across the country and offer exclusive merchandise to our club members, we mean it. As we were working with Ross Street Roasting to bring our coffee club the best offering possible, it was apparent that we needed to showcase the beautiful qualities that Iowa has to offer. After a little digging and a few phone calls later, we found ourselves on our way to meet John Bosley.

Who is Bozz Prints?

To put it simply, Bozz Prints is John Bosley. After a long stint as the lead designer at Des Moines-based apparel store, Raygun, John proved his skills as a creative powerhouse after creating many top-selling designs. Wanting more, in 2015 he took a step in a different direction, so he could allow himself more creative freedom, which is when Bozz Prints was born.

Just a few short years ago, he moved into his very own studio in the Historic Valley Junction located in West Des Moines, IA. John made for the perfect collaboration for our first box, as his work largely revolves around beautifully displaying landmarks and well-known places.

His goal is to soon have products that hit every city and state on the map, paying homage to the great geographical and architectural history that surrounds us. Just like we do with our coffee roasters, we paid a visit to Bozz Prints so you can go behind the scenes and experience his story. Enjoy!

The "Layers of Iowa" Print:

An Exclusive Lokoly Coffee Club Offering

After asking John what his inspiration was for this print, his answer was golden. He said, “It’s inspired by all the great things Iowa has to offer: blue skies, green fields, and heritage of biking the countryside.” John made this offering exclusively for our community and it is only available through our coffee club. We are proud to partner with Bozz Prints, a unique business that gives you the full experience of Iowa.

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