Windmill Coffee Roasters: Pioneering Specialty Coffee in the Midwest & Beyond

“In the Midwest, the number of specialty coffee drinkers has been slowly growing. There’s so much more to this industry and product that many just don’t know or have found misinformation about,” head roaster Robb Pearson told us. He said, “we’re proud of what we are doing. We're committed to educating, building relationships, and helping to make specialty coffee a widely appreciated product not only in Iowa but in the midwest and beyond.”

Windmill Coffee Roasters comes to you from Ames, IA, the home of Iowa State University. Windmill traces its roots back to 1991 when owner Andrew Burgason got his coffee career started through his family’s business, Burgies Coffee & Fine Tea. Andrew spent the next 25 years learning the ins and outs of the coffee industry through work at the cafe level and in coffee roasting. That’s when decades of roasting and learning the coffee roasting craft created an opportunity. An opportunity that led to a marriage between Andrew’s long-standing coffee history and the experience of one-skilled coffee connoisseur. 

A Coffee Marriage

Then, in 2016, Windmill Coffee Roasters was born under the ownership of Andrew Burgason. He knew he couldn’t do it alone and that it was going to take a team. Thankfully, Windmill has been blessed with several coffee people over the last few years. Unbeknownst to Andrew, a gentleman with years of experience working under some of the nation’s most prominent coffee brands was on his way back to settle in Iowa. One thing led to another and Robb Pearson joined the Windmill team as Director of Coffee after a long stint with SoCal-based coffee favorite, Augies. This brought unmatched integrity and a hard-to-find commitment to relationships and quality to the heart of the Midwest. 

With deep industry experience between both Robb and Andrew, Windmill knew they wanted to do more than just provide great tasting coffee. They set out to educate, inspire, and turn more coffee drinkers into specialty coffee drinkers. One big piece to this puzzle hits home to Windmill as they come from the agricultural heartland. “Especially in our location where we’re surrounded by farmland, we believe it’s so important to draw the connection between coffee and agriculture,” said Robb. “Just like our farmers here plant, take care of, and sell their crop, coffee is the same. And even more than that, just like the farmers here in America deserve to be paid a fair wage, so do the farmers who grow our coffee beansIowan's and midwesterners understand good years and bad years. They understand freshness and living a life committed to quality.” 

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Even though the business is legally only four years old, Windmill manufactures a unique experience combining the human-engine of Robb, Andrew, and Devin. They are well on their way to helping embrace the full experience behind specialty coffee in Iowa and the Midwest. This award-winning roasting operation is a testament to what specialty coffee is and should be. 

Andrew, Robb, and Devin are a three-person operation that is new in business years but aged in coffee experience, and that’s apparent in the quality of coffee they provide. This roastery is on their way to creating something special in the Midwest and beyond, and they are providing you an opportunity to be a part of their story. Windmill is giving the Lokoly Coffee Club access to an exclusive coffee that is only roasted one-time for our club members. This is special and you are not going to want to miss it - enjoy! 

Featured Coffees:

El Salvador - Loma La Gloria - Red Bourbon Blend
Lokoly Exclusive Roast

Anny Ruth’s father, Roberto, purchased the farm in the late 1990’s and named it after his Grandfather’s estate: Loma La Gloria. A civil engineer by trade and visionary businessman by nature, Roberto completed the construction of a mill on the farm in 2001. In 2012 Anny Ruth took over the mill’s operations and built a business shipping high-quality coffees to North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. LLG is known for producing high-quality natural and honey coffees with supreme sweetness and clarity. The farm is located in the El Boquerón crater of the San Salvador Volcano. The farm’s elevation ranges from 1200 to 1750 meters above sea level and shade trees cover much of Loma La Gloria.

The Red Bourbon Blend is a Lokoly Coffee Club exclusive combination of Natural and Honey Processed coffee. Red Bourbon is the varietal of coffee grown on Loma La Gloria.

Tasting Notes: Stone Fruit - Ripe Berries - Brown Sugar - Chocolate


Done right and proper. Yes Ma'am embodies everything we want our coffee to be. Combining coffees from both Central America, and East Africa we get clean, fragrant, and bright coffees. This cup is milk chocolate, caramel, with red fruit with a creamy & silky body. Made to please.

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate - Berry - Silky 

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