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Des Moines-based Lokoly Coffee Club partners with Iowa roasters to release first-of-its-kind “Iowa Coffee Tour” specialty coffee box

(Des Moines, IA) -- On November 19, 2020, the Lokoly Coffee Club (Lokoly) announced a partnership with four small-batch coffee roasters from across the state to create a first-of-its-kind “Iowa Coffee Tour” specialty coffee box.

“Now more than ever it’s important for us to come together as a coffee community and as small businesses to support one another,” said Brian Gumm with Ross Street Roasting. “We have some amazing coffee here in Iowa roasted by some amazing people, and this box by Lokoly gives a taste of the quality products we all have to offer.” 

To create the box, Lokoly is partnering with Ross Street Roasting in Tama, IA, Windmill Coffee in Ames, IA, Euphoria Coffee in West Union, IA, and Swed & Co. Coffee in Fort Madison, IA. Bozz Prints, a print shop from Des Moines, will add a "Layers of Iowa" coffee mug to round out the box.

“2020’s been a hard year for the coffee community,” said co-founder Nicholas Hanstad. “Because we’re based in Des Moines and from Iowa, we wanted to do something special to give back to our local economy and strengthen our local community.”

As a company, Lokoly set out to support craft roasters since day one and is typically on the road around seeking out the best craft coffee roasters in America. But with many roasters hurting during this difficult time, they felt it was only right to do something for their local coffee friends here in Iowa. 

“There’s all this amazing coffee right here in our great state of Iowa, so we thought it was time we put it on the map,” said Hanstad. “This box only highlights a glimpse of what we have to offer for specialty coffee in Iowa, and these roasters along with many others could put their quality up against anyone in the coffee industry. We’re just proud to bring them all together.”

The Iowa Coffee Tour box, which includes four small-batch Iowa coffees and the Layers of Iowa coffee mug, will be sold for $89.99. $5 from each box will be donated directly to the Iowa Food bank. Place your order on lokoly.com by December 10th to receive your box. All Iowa Coffee Tour orders will be shipped on December 14th.

“We are excited to be included in Lokoly’s Iowa Coffee Tour box. We are thrilled to see the growth of specialty roasters in Iowa and this is a great collection of just a few,” said Robb Pearson with Windmill Coffee.”

The Iowa Coffee Tour Box: https://lokoly.com/collections/coffee-gifts/products/iowa-coffee-tour

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Lokoly Coffee Club is a bi-monthly subscription club offering hard-to-find small-batch coffee made in limited quantities, tucked away in local communities, and delivered in a box curated by the head roaster.