Roaster Caleb's French Press | French Press Recipe

This recipe comes from Head Roaster Caleb Nicholes at Wonderstate Coffee in Viroqua, WI. Caleb started Wonderstate here in 2005, and since then has led a mission-forward effort that has established the company as a top roaster not only in the Midwest, but nationwide (read more).  

In this recipe video, Caleb shares his advice for brewing delicious coffee using a classic method, the french press.


Ingredients (serves 2):


French Press

16:1 ratio: 50g coffee, 800g water



  1. Grind 50g coffee using a medium grind and add to brewer. Using a medium grind instead of a coarse grind helps the coffee extract more fully and adds flavor.
  2. Add 800g boiling water to brewer
  3. Put on the lid, wait 5-6 minutes to allow the coffee to brew
  4. Plunge slowly and let sit for 1 minute
  5. Pour and enjoy!


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