What it means to shop local

Access is why you're limited to "shop local" based on where you live. But what about the vendors at the 8,600 other Farmers' Markets that happen across the country?

The Ingredients to Lokoly™

Local People

Lokoly™ knows that the most important ingredient in the recipe to great tasting foods is the people behind them. We make sure that you feel the connection with the producer, and that you know their unique story. 

Local Land

Lokoly™ values the land from where our producers come from. The community behind them and the places that surround them are key ingredients in our vendors success. 

Local Traditions

Lokoly™ realizes that our vendors are people, and we strive to keep the traditions important to them and their communities live and well. Traditions drive communities to feel like family. 

The combination of these three ingredients is what brings you Lokoly™, and allows us to make the Lokoly Market™ your most trusted source to shop local, anywhere.

Lokoly Vendor Standards™

Not everyone can sell on Lokoly™, and that's because we make sure when you shop our marketplace you are truly shopping & supporting local.

Small Business

The Lokoly definition™ of a small business comes down to revenue. To sell on Lokoly, vendors must make less than $7.5 million annually. This allows us to protect and promote our vendors, and to help their success on Lokoly™. 

Independently Owned

To sell on Lokoly™ you must be independently owned. We don’t allow distributors, third parties, or franchises to sell on our marketplace. This allows us to ensure the profits remain in the hands of our small business owners. 

Producing in Registered State

All Lokoly™ vendors are producing in the state they are registered in. Local isn’t just purchasing from a local store, it’s making sure the final product is made in that specific geographic location. When you buy a product from Iowa, that means it was made in Iowa. 

Shop Local. Shop Lokoly™.

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