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Windmill Coffee Roasters - Ames, IA

Windmill Coffee Roasters traces its roots back to 1991 when owner Andrew Burgason got his coffee career started through his family’s business. Andrew spent the next 25 years learning the ins and outs of the coffee industry through work at the cafe level and in coffee roasting. That’s when decades of roasting and learning the coffee roasting craft created an opportunity. A rich family history in the coffee industry mixed with experience at some of the nation's most prominent coffee brands brings you the small-batch coffee they roast today.


Origin: Colombia / Nicaragua / Guatemala

Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Walnut, Brown Sugar

EIGHTY35 is a wonderful showcase of a wide variety of coffee flavors. This blend is a combination of coffees from South and Central America. Constructed in a way that highlights origin characteristics such as pipe tobacco, cocoa, and pleasant earthy notes.

Euphoria Coffee - West Union, IA

West Union, Iowa isn’t the biggest place in the world, but big isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Jace and Nick Yost were coffee enthusiasts from NE Iowa who wished that there was a coffee shop in their town of 2,500. Then they stopped wishing and made it happen. Now, Euphoria Coffee is viewed as one of the top source to cup coffee shops and roasteries in the state.

Base Camp Blend

Origin: Columbia

Roast: Light/Medium

Tasting Notes: Citrus, Caramel, Peach

Base Camp is one of Euphoria's most popular blends. It's a light/medium roast with flavor notes of citrus, caramel and peach. It brews very well as an espresso and drip - a very well rounded coffee!

Ross Street Roasting - Tama, IA

Almost equidistant between the Missouri and Mississipi rivers, and the Minnesota and Missouri borders is the little town of Tama, where you will find Ross Street Roasting. Head Roaster Brian Gumm spent years in his garage mastering the roasting craft with a bread machine and a heat gun. He would park himself there night after night, intently watching the entire process and learning the science behind roasting coffee. Five years and many awards down the road, Ross Street Roasting still maintains high attention to detail, roasting brilliance, and coffee that simply tastes amazing.

Jack's Feed Store

Origin: Nicaragua / Papua New Guinea / Ethiopia

Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Earthy, Rustic

This easy-drinking, crowd-pleaser is a medium roast blend that sparks its inspiration from the old ag-feed milling operation called Jack’s Feed Store. Old Jack is still living and finds his way into the roastery from time to time to bring himself back to the days of selling seed and soil. You’ll find chocolate and subtle fruit notes, along with an earthy, rustic quality, medium body.

Swed & Co - Fort Madison, IA

Swed & Co. was started by Chris and Maddie Swed in mid 2017, after moving to Fort Madison, IA to reopen the historic Fox Theatre. Head roaster Chris sources high quality green coffee from various regions around the world and develops high-quality coffees to bring out individual flavors and complex notes. After operating a mobile coffee cart outside the theater for the past three years, Swed & Co will open their first shop in January 2021.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Origin: Ethiopia

Roast: Light

Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Grape, Cane Sugar

Delicious fragrant and fruity light roast coffee from Ethiopia. Strong notes of Grape and Blueberry.

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