Membership FAQ's

What type of coffee will I get?

We partner with the roasters we feature to bring you the best possible offering, which always includes one coffee that is exclusive, one-time roasted. This means you’re not going to find it anywhere else, not even on their website, and is only available through us and that one-time box offering. If you choose to order more than one bag of coffee, we pair that with the roaster’s flagship roast that they are most proud of. You have the option to receive the coffee whole bean or pre-ground, and no matter what the coffee will always be specialty grade. Don’t forget the coffee gifts in each box. 

We’re all about making Lokoly the best experience possible and providing you the “the full coffee experience”, so in every box, you’re going to receive a piece of the burlap sack from the origin country where the coffee came from. Our boxes allow you to become connected not only with the roaster on “local level”, but all the way down the supply chain to the farmer. We’re about community, and connecting people with experiences. 

What does the bi-monthly timeline look like?

You have until the 7th of each month we fulfill (February, April, June, August, October, December) to sign up and receive the coffee. If you sign-up after that day, you will receive your Lokoly Coffee Club box during the next fulfillment month. For example, if you order On August 17th you won’t receive the August box, but you will receive the October box. 

We place the order with the roaster on the first day after we close orders, and schedule the coffee to be roasted the following week. The day it is roasted, the coffee is shipped to our warehouse in the US. Once received, it is immediately packed and shipped to your door. The expected delivery is around the 15th of each month. 

When will my box arrive?

Generally, you can expect your delivery around the 15th of the month. Relying on shipping carriers is complicated however, so there is always a possibility shipping is delayed. Instead of guaranteeing the date, it will be delivered in your hands, we build the shipping itinerary around freshness. That way, even if you gt it a few days before or after the 15th, it will be as fresh as possible. You will receive order updates to track your boxes. 

How much coffee should I order?

One bag of coffee (Coffee Lover), should make around one cup per day for ~two weeks for 1 cup every other day for one month. 

Two bags of coffee (Coffee Addict), should make around one cup of coffee every day for a month.

Three bags of coffee (Coffee Connoisseur), should make around one and a half cups of coffee every day for a month.

How much coffee will I get every two months?

Standard retail bags vary in size from roaster to roaster, but the average size is 12 oz. (~340 grams). Instead of standardizing the amount of coffee each month by repacking beans ourselves, we try to keep the focus on the featured roaster and their product offering, using their sizing, branding and packaging.