Our Vision

A Curated Coffee Experience

People who really enjoy fine coffee like to experiment. As they travel, they enjoy savoring special coffee from special places, roasted and brewed by local people who make coffee their passion and who have unique stories about why and how they do what they do.

 Lokoly™ is a curated coffee club. We travel around the country searching out the best local coffee roasters — people who care so much about quality, aroma, and taste that most of their money, if not all, goes into producing the best product; which is why you can't find these coffees locally.

Every other month, Lokoly sends you a box specially curated by each head roaster. Each box contains your choice of one, two, three or four 12 oz. bags of limited-edition, exclusive coffee from our featured specialty coffee roasters. The coffees we deliver are unique and independently roasted for our members - you can't even find them on the roaster’s website. Whole bean or ground, your choice! Included in the box are special coffee gifts and the story of the coffee, roaster and place. It’s a way to travel, access, explore and share without leaving home.

 Enjoy being a member of the Lokoly Coffee Club and make it a gift to someone special so you have reason to enjoy coffee together even though you may be miles apart. Cheers to damn good coffee!

Want to really know what the Lokoly Coffee Club's all about? Choose a membership below and join our community of craft coffee enthusiasts!