Our local Iowa coffee landscape is changing...

We've supported craft roasters since day one, and since March 18th many have felt the disastrous effects on their businesses. We don't want to see our amazing Iowa roasters be forced to make tough decisions. With many businesses hurting during this time, we felt that it was our job to do what we could to give back to our local economy. Lokoly is committed to reviving the communities and small businesses that are most vulnerable in this time of need.

One thing that’s true of Iowans is that we come together when it’s needed most.

As Iowans, it's in our DNA to support our friends and neighbors.

Our team at Lokoly (lo-ca-lly) is all about highlighting the incredible stories and products of local coffeeroasters all across the country. But in the wake of 2020, because we’re based here and from Iowa, we wanted to do something special.

What we’ve done is paired up four of our state’s specialty coffee roasters to bring you a “tour of Iowa” through specialty coffee. These roasters are incredible, and we believe that the quality they offer can be put up against any roaster in the world.

We’ve got some hidden gems here in our great state.

This holiday season, we're proud to bring you a one-of-a-kind offering you will not find anywhere else. This box is specially curated and totally unique to Iowa. It’s time to put Iowa coffee on the map. 

In our “Iowa Coffee Tour” box, you’re going to find the following: coffee from Ross Street Roasting out of Tama, IA, Windmill Coffee out of Ames, IA, Swed & Co. Coffee out of Fort Madison, IA, and Euphoria Coffee out of West Union, IA. We have also paired up with local Des Moines, IA artist Bozz Prints to include their “Layers of Iowa” mug. Each and every one of these coffees will surprise any level of coffee drinker, showing quality and unique flavors that will keep you wanting more. 

Our values: give back and support local.

Because it’s ever so important to support our local communities, we will be donating $5/box to the Food Bank of Iowa once sales close. We see this as an opportunity to bring together amazing coffee, enjoy it with one another, and give back to the community in support of our local citizens. 

In the name of good coffee and supporting local this holiday season, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to travel across Iowa through some damn good specialty coffee. Cheers!