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Gold Mountain Brix Breaker – Award-winning Nicaraguan Direct Trade Coffee

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* Flavor notes: Candied apple, Sweet, Tropical Fruit
* “Its sweetness is undeniable” 9.1/10 – Pull & Pour coffee review
* 2019 & ’18 medalist in the Golden Bean North America Roasters Competition


“Its sweetness is undeniable.” 9.1/10
Pull & Pour – Everything Coffee

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Medalist in the Golden Bean North America Roasters Competition for 2 years running! “Brix” is a scale that measures sugar content of a liquid, using devices called refractometers. The tree variety that produces this coffee grows cherries with very high levels of sugar content, “breaking” the Brix scale with their sweetness!

More info on the Brix Breaker

  • Flavor notes: Candied apple, Sweet, Tropical fruit
  • Roast color: Light
  • Origin: Nicaragua, Jinotega region
  • 3 farmers contributed to this micro-lot: Juan Carlos, Don Manuel, & Don Sabino
  • Tree variety: Red Pacamara
  • Processing method: Dry/Natural Process
  • Altitude: ~1415 masl (~4,650 ft)
  • Harvest: Dec 2018 – Feb 2012 (arrived in US Sept 2019)
  • Sourcing: Gold Mountain Coffee Growers (Direct Trade)

Pacamara is a unique tree variety that produces unusually large coffee cherries & seeds (coffee beans). A cool, high growing region allows slow cherry growth during the season that helps boost natural sugars inside the cherries. That sweetness is then heightened after harvest using the Natural/Dry processing method of drying whole picked cherries in the sun over the course of a month before being further milled, hulled, dried, sorted for quality, and packed for export.


About Gold Mountain Coffee Growers

Gold Mountain Coffee Growers is a direct trade social enterprise that connects farmers of high-cupping specialty coffee with coffee roasters. They have their own coffee farm (Finca Idealista) in Nicaragua and export coffee themselves to their North American warehouse.

Gold Mountain treats their own farm and partner producers’ farms like fine wine vineyards to maintain a thriving social enterprise and ensure the highest cup quality. They employ a ripeness team during harvest season, equipped with refractometers and special ripeness wristbands, supervising pickers’ baskets for maximum ripeness of coffee cherries. The result is excellent-cupping coffee.

Gold Mountain partner farmers receive microcredit and larger loans as well as technical assistance. With this empowerment they increase yields, expand their farms, invest in processing equipment, and provide for their families. They work with communities on projects including running water and libraries in schools and electricity in homes. They recently bought a section of rainforest adjacent to their own farm to protect endangered species there. These and more projects are sustained through excellent-cupping specialty coffee.

Gold Mountain Coffee Growers were the winner of the 2016 Sustainability Award from the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (now the SCA)

Photo credits: Gold Mountain Coffee Growers/@goldmtncoffee (InstagramTwitterFacebook)

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