Meow That’s What I Call Light Roast! – RAYGUN collaboration, Light Roast Coffee Blend

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Iowa legends, RAYGUN, and us here at Ross Street Roasting Co. have joined forces to create a fruity light roast blend perfect for drinking at home, in space, or with a raygun-wielding cat named Gary.


A new generation of coffee roasters and coffee lovers are discovering the wide diversity of flavors possible in coffees roasted on the lighter end of the roast color spectrum. Fruit notes emerge that can be tart, sweet, or somewhere in between. Light roasts can exhibit light body up to medium or even heavy bodies, depending on the bean itself and the roaster. And when lighter roasted coffees are blended together, the flavor party really gets going!

“Meow That’s What I Call Light Roast!” takes two different bright, fruity Ethiopian coffees and brings in between them a Colombian component with darker fruit notes and heavier body – creating a sweet, fruity, substantial, easy-drinking light roast blend.

“Meow That’s What I Call Light Roast!” is a collaboration between us here at RSR and Iowa apparel legends, RAYGUN. RAYGUN sells this coffee at their 4 retail locations in Iowa and Kansas City.

“Meow That’s What I Call Light Roast!” at a glance

  • Benefits: Taste the rainbow of light roast flavors with Gary, a raygun-weidling cat!
  • Tasting notes: Bright fruits, ripe pie cherry, subtle chocolate, sweet, light-medium body
  • Brewing suggestions: Pour-over or Drip coffee makers
  • Components
    • 45% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Washed Grade 2
    • 30% Colombia, Huila regional best lot
    • 25% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, Natural Grade 2
    • All components of this blend are sourced through our importing partner, Cafe Imports, Minneapolis, MN

Read more about the fun & collaborative product development story for this coffee: Ross Street & Raygun: A prrrrrrfect pairing.

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