Reach customers all over the country in the easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective way

When you join the Lokoly Family™ you're committing your products to reaching an audience beyond your current geographical reach. Your brand will never be the same.

Steps to become a Lokoly Family™ Member:

Register on

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Once you have registered a Lokoly team member will contact you by email to fill out a Vendor Pre-Approval Form.
Setup your Lokoly Market Booth™

It's as easy as creating a social media page!

Your Lokoly Market Booth™ is totally customized to your brand.
We help with the process, so don't stress out.
Begin Selling

Start reaching customers in a whole new way

The Lokoly Marketplace™ allows customers anywhere in the country, to shop local food products anywhere in the country. There's no longer boundaries to who can enjoy your products!

A taste of joining the Lokoly Family™

Professional product photos for your Lokoly Market Booth™

Personalized customer and sales analytics; we help you understand the numbers

Access to the Lokoly Family™ network where you’ll be able to interact with other family members

Wide range of resources to help you grow your business and become profitable while doing so

What you can expect from Lokoly™

Lokoly™ takes a 15% commission on the sale of all individual products, which includes transactions fees.

As a local producer of goods your time is already limited. We promise ease of use from start to finish, to make sure your time isn’t wasted.

Lokoly™ makes sure your information isn’t compromised, and is protected through our platform.

Lokoly runs on a Family First mentality. We are here to help small, local food brands and will make sure everything we do is in your best interest.

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