Local foods from anywhere, made available anywhere.

Welcome to Lokoly™

Lokoly™ brings together independent producers of craft, local foods from across the country, so you can shop and have them delivered to your door; and you don't miss out on the unique story behind every product & brand

Not Your Typical Online Retailer

Lokoly™ keeps the playing field fair so you get unique and interesting brands that are part of communities across the land. That means Lokoly™ prohibits national brands from sellling on the site. Vendors are vetted to ensure they are small, local operations. Small businesses are protected and promoted like never before, unlike other retailers on the web. Best of all we keep the profits in the hands of our vendors so they can grow and offer you the best final products.

Support Independent, Craft, Local Food Brands

Lokoly™ doesn’t own any of the products you see, we simply give our vendors a way to share what they love with people all over the country. We make it quick and easy to find the products you want, or maybe you’ll discover a new favorite. 

Enjoy the Satisfaction of Shopping Local

Everytime you purchase something from the Lokoly Marketplace™ you get the 100% satisfaction of shopping local. We can promise this through our strict standards for selling on our site. There’s no better place to shop local, than Lokoly™ 🙂

There's no longer boundaries to how YOU can shop & support local™

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